Science Lessons at Altitude

It’s become all too easy (in fact, when wasn’t it), to bemoan the state of youth. They’re lazy, they’re direction-less, they’re irresponsible, they’re insensitive. But, there again, they said the same things about my generation and I’m sure that people will do about many more generations long in to the future.

Whether it ever was, or ever will be, true from time to time you come across evidence that strongly suggests there’s not much in it! What does your average Class XI Science student do with their summer vacation. Well, if you are Udai Singh of The Shri Ram School, Phase III Campus you get the urge to do something, then drop your teacher a short mail, in a very unassuming way, in case she might be interested in what you’ve been up to. This is what Udai wrote;

Dear Ma’am,

I’d like to share with you something that I did in these summer vacations.

In June 2012, I went on a trek to Ladakh with a special mission. I went there to conduct a Science workshop in a rural middle school in Photoksar, an extremely remote village in Ladakh located at 14000 ft. There I conducted science experiments with the children from a book that I had compiled. 

I have recorded my experiences in my blog:

3 Responses

  1. Daring and true .

  2. Kudos to Udai! Very high on EQ….superb!

  3. I am impressed!…..

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