Professor Howard Gardner

Fresh from his recent tour of India here is an interesting interview given by Professor Gardner recently with CM Rubin for her Huffington Post series entitled ‘The Global Search for Education’.

I found his answers especially interesting where they related to wrong directions and the changes needed for both American education and American society. His views reinforce the severe danger that should be apparent to those in India hell-bent on mimicking ‘the American Way’;

Huffington Post – CM Rubin interviews Howard Gardner

I believe that there is a lot of sense in Dr Gardner’s suggestion that solutions for both education and the wider society will be found in renewed emphasis on the kinds of shared values we wish to have and a greater focus on citizenship.

Lots to ponder over.


2 Responses

  1. Howard Gardner’s wisdom….. always livens up my spirits!I truly hope that at TSRS we will do everything to ensure that our students are nurtured to be responsible citizens with the 3Es incorporated into the Shri system of education…

  2. Basics of Education & Education itself is very distinguished , difficult to track course , one wrong guess and we are lost , reaching nowhere. That’s exactly a scenerio most of the times.

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