10 Things to Make Obsolete in the School of Tomorrow

Here’s a great article from Mindshift that sets out 10 things that SHOULD be obsolete in schools today:

Mindshift Article

After reading, I will be very interested to hear which ones people agree with. Do you think any of these things still have a place in today’s schools?


3 Responses

  1. A very interesting read.

    I couldn’t agree more with the ‘connectivity’ bit. Often enough we have read articles on how ICT needs to be integrated into the curriculum. I have personally seen it in use in schools. It is a brilliant tool-it breaks the monotony of a typical chalk and board classroom setting, offers a deep insight into various topics- the benefits are multifarious. Like with anything else, sensible strategies need to be in place to optimize its benefits-not to forget-training workshops/modules for the educators in a rapidly changing world.

    2. Learning in prescribed places…I agree whole heartedly. Each and every field trip/excursion is not essentially a precursor to creativity or meaningful learning, however is definitely more effective than learning taking place in an ‘isolated’ manner.

    3 and 4.Teacher centred classrooms: need to take a back seat. A class room that is alive- providing for the different types of learners-ones who want to be poring over books-to the one who wants a kinesthetic experience to maximize his learning- one who works well in a group..the IT hub…how lovely would that be! A classroom that made you come alive- challenged you-where you entered and picked up from where you left the previous day-whether it was a model you were working on a collage-a word document/a PPT for presentation on the smartboard!Similarlythoughts for the isolated classrooms.

    5.The departmental organization could get integrated with 4 and 5 above-perhaps..a ‘Mindshift’ is needed.

    6.Traditional school libraries..Sounds like a good idea-while maintaining the decorum – the library could be re-thought, restructured to once again become a place where ideas are born-active learning-could be collaborative- takes place.Magic could happen!

    Of course this is almost a wish list.The best schools are functioning without the above or indeed with attempting to include the above within the spaces/infrastructure available.Here I must add (to my mind..) that a ‘mind shift’ to the approach to learning/ teaching methodologies is perhaps the need of the hour as well. Professional development, reading, self assessment could enable you to make the mind shift happen!


  2. It sound very useful Article , Mr. Mark. Most of the things are basics but dreams .

    Am 90% in favor of all said & done.

  3. Design seems to be the main intent of the article based on which traditional spaces like libraries, cafeteria, even large restrooms, computer labs etc have been identified as “obsolete”. It is true that collaboration is widely agreed to be at the heart of progressive learning….people learn from people and with people. That is as true for adults as for children. I do think though that there is something to be said for traditional spaces though…. Libraries that encourage reflection, cafeterias that are boisterous and encourage interaction! surely both aspects are important! I don’t think all that will go away naturally in a hurry, much less become obsolete. However, whatever is method driven like computer “labs” should.

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