English Language Skills of Engineering Students

Here’s a short report that shares some worrying statistics emerging out of a recent survey. These are worrying results and appear to endorse broader surveys in the past that suggest that Engineering colleges in the country are not adequately preparing students with what they need to be effective in their chosen professions;

Telegraph India – Engineering Students Flunk English Test: Survey

I believe it would be wrong, as has too often been done in the past, to place the ‘blame’ for results like these on the tertiary education sector. Colleges can only work with the raw material that comes from schools. We have a system within which it’s perfectly possible to pass the school leaving exams and the entrance exams for colleges (such as IITs) despite having fundamental gaps in learning, or ability to apply learning.

These problems will only begin to get solved when there are effective platforms on which business, colleges and schools all communicate effectively and work towards consensus about the learning requirements of students and the levels/ standards to be achieved. For that, we have a very long road ahead.

2 Responses

  1. Mr. Mark ,

    This is fact . How many of us read , think , understand , speak one basic correct language.

    I believe English is something a sophistication , i wish we all as social co inhabitants endorse it to enhance life quality.

  2. I think the real problem is that while a vast majority of students are proficient in Hindi or other regional languages – we have developed only English as a medium for technical education in our country

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