Digital Citizenship

In these days when a person’s ‘web presence’ is becoming as important as their ‘real world presence’ it’s vitally important that young people learn the ways, acceptable standards of behaviour and how to be an effective digital citizen as early as possible. So many young people fail to realise that misbehavior or inappropriate actions online can remain in existence long after the act – making them a threat to college admissions or job success.

Sometimes, the big internet players have not done enough to move behaviour in the right direction. In fact, sometimes their actions have made things worse. I was especially pleased this week to see that Youtube (owned by Google) is setting out to tackle the issues related to obscene, inflammatory and insulting comments placed against videos, often by young people hiding behind anonymity. They have now said that there will be a move away from anonymous presence and people will be showing their real identity when they post comments. I expect that when family, relatives and future employers can witness people’s behaviour, it’s going to make a big difference.

The second very positive step from Google this week is a contribution to education on digital citizenship – a set of 10 interactive lessons on the subject;

Google Interactive Lessons on Digital Citizenship

These can be used in the home by parents, or by teachers in the classroom.


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  1. Haven’t read that Interactive Lesson yet but the thoughtfulness of Google is effective to curb Web Crime / Abuse.

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