Vacations are Good!

Yes, yes, I know the summer’s over, the school vacations are a dim and distant memory and for some people this article might be coming a few weeks too late. But, there’s always next time, isn’t there!

This Fast Company article sets out 10 good, sensible reasons why you (especially those in leadership roles) shouldn’t skip vacations:

Fast Company – Reasons to take a Vacation

I don’t know about you, but a few of these made slightly painful reading for me when I looked back on the past. However, giving myself the benefit of the doubt, I’d describe myself as being in vacation rehab. Point 3 was a ‘blind spot’ for me in the past. When I sent and received emails profusely when I was supposed to be on holiday, I thought I was just ‘keeping in touch’ and it was a good thing. However, when you come to realise that others are left wondering whether you now expect them to do the same, you realise the weak spot.

On my trip to England earlier in the year I would probably have scored myself about 6/10. However, this summer’s trip to Rishikesh was undoubtedly 9/10, though helped by the fact that my airtel connection didn’t work there and the camp wi-fi temptation was avoidable most of the time.

Still, I’m ready to confess that there’s still more in this article that makes sense on which I can work.

Hmm, where to next time?


2 Responses

  1. Rightly so Sir…….till we do not take the vacation break with NO e-mails and BB’s to respond to its actually NOT A VACATION. This time in summers while being in England & Moscow together for two weeks and not in touch at all professionally helps and rejuvinates you to get back to work with double enthusiasm.

    I have seen this being practised by my husband too, while being in Corporate job for sooo many years.And his way of working is WOW!!

    So we all learn from each other…..

    Surbhi Rajpal

  2. I agree with Surbhi. Everyone MUST take time off to come back and give their best:)

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