Getting Up Off My ….. Posterior

I’ve been somewhat conscious for quite a long time that my lifestyle, work and the way I spend my time mean that I spend far more time sitting. So, I was therefore very interested by this BBC report published recently:

BBC Report – Less Time Sitting

On a drive to improve my fitness and get in shape, I recalled seeing the BBC documentary that was summarized in the following article:

BBC Report – HIT

In that documentary, as well as showing and proving the impact of just 3 minutes of high intensity exercise, they also showed lots of simple ideas for how we can reduce the amount of sedentary time we spend. One result is that I’m now making it a habit when in my office, or study at home, on the phone or reading something to get up from my seat and roam around the room. I also shared with my son the great idea of doing exercises such as sit-ups during the advertisement breaks on TV (although like most children he usually spends the Ad breaks surfing other channels of interest!)

However, I couldn’t help wondering whether (if they can bring the price down), this might not offer the answer to all our issues:

Mashable – Treadmill Desk Review

(My campaign includes a target to reduce my weight by around 8.5% – there, I’ve told the world, now I have to do it! Notice that I’ve managed to get out of letting on the actual weight!)


2 Responses

  1. Interesting Noted the mathematical puzzle left-find the unknown x LOL I try to read as many blogs as possible-but usually am unable to keep up with them Thankyou as always for all the interesting blogs Just wondered-have you been following the Leenox case in belfast and what your thoughts were. How did they get it so wrong?

  2. Sir I ask my children to stretch upwards on the door of the room on their toes while watching TV or as fillers while working especially my son in class 7th who also needs to gain height. There is also a ROD fixed on one of the doorsof the tv, where they can hang while watching TV, obviously with so much prodding…..

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