Can Character be Taught?

Here’s a really interesting conference discussion video from the Aspen Institute, USA as part of the Aspen Ideas festival. It brings together a group of educators who have been doing work on how to bring aspects of Positive Psychology propagated by the likes of Dr Martin Seligman (University of Pennsylvania) and others in to the schools domain;

Fora TV – Can Character be Taught?

To me it’s not actually a question about whether such skills and habits can be taught, but more that educators should be exploring the best ways to build the development of these non-cognitive skills in to the school learning experience for every child. I have been concerned for some time that the ‘cult of the personality’ and over-attention on personality, uniqueness and ‘standing out’ have been at the expense of fundamental character development. I believe that these character traits form the bedrock without which personality development will always be fragile, flimsy and prone to failure when faced with challenges in life.


2 Responses

  1. i do not believe character can be taught at any organized siting or big self help books really.

    character is a path and manner one chooses as we see , resist and understand the word around us . And as we know, life and finding self is one mans personal journey that can only be best understood by one involved in it.

    children must be left be, let them understand the world and see it through their own foot print.

  2. Yeah , but believe it character is indepth of person . Can be cultivated but it might as well be a personal choice.

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