What Winners Do Before Breakfast

For us educators the summer break is a key, critical time to stop, pause, take breath and evaluate what we are/ are not happy about or might want to change. Therefore, it struck me as the perfect time to be sharing this piece looking at the time utilization aspects of getting our working days off to a great start.

I read somewhere recently, in another context, that stopping a habit we don’t want or establishing a new effective habit we do want takes around 3 weeks for most people. That’s 3 weeks of regular, conscious, monitored effort.

So, for all those thinking that they would like to try something new, here’s an article from Fast Company, previewing a new book;

Fast Company Article

I struggle to work out whether I really am ‘ a late night person’ rather than ‘an early bird’, or whether this really just amounts to me excusing away the habits I’ve accumulated. I’m tempted enough to try it out, to see whether being up with the larks might carry worthwhile benefits for me.

To make it happen, I guess that my blog writing will need to become more of a morning activity, so that I get to bed earlier – still, I think it’s worth a try and vacation time is the best time to experiment.

So, here goes………….


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  1. Wow ! Already feeling nice . Reading this , I am more clear about morning priorities and necessities.

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