Mind, Brain and Education

When I first started to transition in to the field of education from my previous career, part of the motivation was curiosity and interest in the learning process, how it works and how it might be made more effective. At the time, maybe naively, I believed that to build understanding of the learning process it would be appropriate to learn about the ‘thing’ that does the learning – the brain, the mind. So, as time went on I found this a fascinating area of my own learning. However, I couldn’t really figure out why the education profession didn’t share my interest, at least to anything like the same extent.

So, I am really happy to see that these attitudes are changing, as evidenced by this recent Ed Week article;

Education Week Article – Teaching Educators Brain Science

And Quiz on the subject:

Education Week – Quiz

Let us all know how you score – can you match my 9 out of 10?

The OECD material on this subject is particularly interesting – I was able to buy a copy of the book when visiting the United Nations in Geneva early last year. Reading it, not only reinforced my belief that educators need to explore and understand more about what neuroscience is uncovering that impacts upon the learning process, but that also we should be helping students to improve their metacognition (thinking about thinking) so that they can have a greater understanding of how their mind and brain work. Only in this way can we have students and teachers collaborating in processes that work with, rather than some times against, the way learners are ‘wired up’.


2 Responses

  1. Got 7. Interestingly , the ones I got wrong were all to do with myths which I started believing as I had read them over and over in different media. The ones I got right were answered by common sense. I need to trust my common sense more.

  2. Got 08 , Mr. Mark .

    I realized , anything which i thought right was wrong . I followed the lead. So, looks my Neuro Brain works .

    Believe me , more than Article Quiz was the one hogging Lime Light.

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