Leadership That Gets Results

I recently had the opportunity to reread a great Harvard Business Review article written by Daniel Goleman (best known for his work on Emotional Intelligence) in a superb little book of 10 excellent HBR articles on ‘Managing People’. So, when I saw this Fast Company article exploring the 6 leadership styles Goleman had identified in that research I thought it worth sharing;

Fast Company Article

I like the way the emphasis is placed on the situational nature of leadership traits and styles, self-awareness and acknowledgement of how to minimize negative outcomes if one has an acknowledged limitation in respect of any one specific style.

The implications in the article are that quality of leadership in organisations has a very big impact, making this something that all leaders need to be ready to commit to investing effort, time and training in.


One Response

  1. Such wisdom !

    Guess , how keen observations with intense clarity of words .

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