Game On India – Get Fit, Get Social

I met the organizers behind this initiative around a month ago. I was really impressed with the simplicity and value of their idea, so I’m very pleased to see them getting publicity and profile for this new social business.

Game On India – Coverage in Mint

I’m hoping very much that our school is going to be able to find ways to collaborate with Game On India. I believe one of the key, critical factors is to have adults and children understand that there is really little comparison worth making between professional sport as we may follow on TV or at live events and amateur sport, played for the fun, the camaraderie and the sheer pleasure of participation for its own sake. This regular participation in physical exercise can also contribute to better all-around health and act as the ultimate stress-buster.

I am used to the kind of scenario in England, where every weekend (and many evenings during week time as well) thousands of people take part in sports and physical activity where they seek to perform to their best, enjoy the pleasure and friendships of being part of a team, but without any thoughts that this might be leading to anything ‘professional’. We are seeing startling deterioration of health, especially amongst professional people. I am hearing of way too many people whose lives are cut short too early in ways that would have been far less likely if they had been keeping fit, getting regular exercise and also benefiting from the motivation to look after their health in other respects.

This is a great initiative and certainly gets a big thumbs up from me!


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  1. Yeah . Of late , uncertainity prevails. Health & Fitness is important.

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