Motivation & Finding Work You Love

Clayton Christensen has been best known, until now for his work on ‘disruption’ in business and in other fields. He formulated ideas about hhow seemingly good companies can get blindsided and even put out of business by small upstart companies using disruptive ideas, technology etc. in ways that didn’t m,ake sense for the ‘good’ company, either because it was too small and insignificant to figure on their radar, or didn’t match the requirements of their existing customer base (listening too much to their existing customers!)

So, I was fascinated to see that Christensen has now turned his hand to new fields associated with human motivation and the wider issues of living a worthwhile life. This fast Company article does a good job of summarizing the current understanding on motivation in the workplace, including a neat summary of Herzberg’s powerful article for the Harvard Business Review (which by coincidence I just reread a few days ago!) There’s a link in the article to the Herzberg piece, which is well worth reading as well.

Fast Company – Clayton Christensen – Finding Work That You Love

What’s interesting is the way in which Christensen builds on Herzberg’s ideas to explore how people can find work they love, the benefits when they do, and the traps that some fall in to that mean they may never find themselves doing work they truly love. Money, or a perceived inadequate supply of it, may be a hygiene factor. However, the trouble is for so many in today’s consumerist society that as their money increases they rush so quickly to adjust their lifestyles

Personally, I very nearly got in to such a trap myself around 16 years ago. It took a lot of courage to get out of it (and a lot of explaining to family!) In all honesty, if I had had a family at that time it might very well not have been possible – I just would have been accused of self-indulgence and failure to acknowledge my ‘duties’. It’s not a mistake I ever intend to make again. Older and, I hope a bit wiser, I don’t intend to do work I can’t love.


3 Responses

  1. Naturally , heart is where the heart is. Everybody has this choice to follow heart. This is the loveliest Reading I had after a long time.

  2. Mr Mark, Excellent find.

    • Ashish , disruption – in positive manner or ? What exactly that meant ?
      Anyways , creativity is deviated , most the times.

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