Counting Calories for Weight Loss and getting Fit

When exercising, have you ever wondered how far you need to run or walk to burn a given number of calories, or for the distance you covered, how many calories did you burn.

Well, here’s a nice short article that sets out the figures, including how to do the calculations, the all-important after-burn from running (not from walking).

For the record, as most people here deal in kilometers, it’s about 1.6km to a mile, so you need to include that in your calculations as well:

Runners World – Walking vs Running


3 Responses

  1. Well now that summer break is here…..I finally get the time and ofcourse the energy to grab my running shoes…………Here hoping that all at TSRS will take better care of their health.

  2. Yesterday ,I came across this Article talking about ” Walking ” & ” Exercising ” are two similar different activities . And now this , information has given me more Updates.

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