Technology in Education Moving Ahead

Here, sharing two further developments in the IT field.

I’ve shared earlier about the TED Ed videos which have started coming online. I would really encourage people to go and check them out. The animation and use of creativity to the learning material are really beautifully done and make for the very best in edu-tainment.

I’ve also included various articles in the past about the growth of the Khan Academy and the superb work of Sal Khan (who I was fortunate to meet last year). Well, Sal’s not letting the grass grow under his feet, announcing a tie-up with MIT to develop MIT+K12, that will see MIT students developing videos on science and engineering topics which will be made available free online. They often say that to truly understand something the best way is to teach it – so I see this as a big win-win, for the MIT students and the school students and teachers who will get to use the videos:

Mindshift Article – MIT+K12

A few weeks ago I also wrote about the collaboration between MIT and Harvard for creation of EdX, where they will create a platform for putting online lectures ona large scale from their top faculty.

Separately, I’ve also written about how teachers have been using TED material, Khan Academy material or their own customized video material to create a ‘flipped model’ of education, where the time in classroom is not used for ‘lectures’ or teachers teaching concepts, but rather students view material for this before coming to the classroom. Then, class time is spent practicing, working out problems together with the faculty and going deeper in to material. So, here’s an interesting article that shows how Stanford University now plans to bring those various ideas and strands together to bring about meaningful changes in the way their students learn:

Tech Crunch Article – Move Over Harvard & MIT


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  1. Yeah , hearing this concept of Learner friendly Online Courses . But half informed. Would take some time to get on that platform to share views , a little later in course of months.

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