A Tidy Solution for Government Schools

When I spotted a news headline on this idea, it really struck a chord with me so I felt compelled to share it;

Manila, Philippines – News Article

The idea is beautiful in its simplicity and falls firmly in the category of “Finding Solutions”, instead of complaining about how something is and saying ‘someone should do something about it’.

Whilst the key idea in the piece is around the use of army personnel and volunteers to prepare the public schools, classrooms and premises for the start of the new academic year, the article also highlights a number of other ways in which the Philippines Government is coordinating the efforts of various government departments to send a message loud and clear that a decent public education environment is a genuine priority and the government wants to make a difference.

Imagine the impact of such a mobilization of energy and initiative here in India! Imagine the impact and beginnings of change in school atmosphere and teacher and student attitudes if, after summer break, they all returned to do their learning in premises that were clean, where the furniture was repaired, painted, with toilets. Wouldn’t a government that genuinely cared about the learning of children consider these were the least of their duties. If even 250,000 man days of army and police personnel energies were unleashed alongside an equivalent volunteer effort from citizens – wouldn’t that unleash an impact that would provide real hope for the future, a platform on which a decent future for public education could be built?


One Response

  1. Not only that , it would as well be great if our children do contribute a bit alongside. Just imagine , getting the feel of a disciplined effort , experiencing community service .

    And yes , in our country , we have this immediate need for Army image makeover , we should give our young citizen first hand experience working with Civil & Governmental Organizations .

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