Skype in the Classroom

A worthwhile short article highlighting the exciting opportunities emerging out of the ‘Skype in the Classroom’ project.

TMC Net Article – Skype in the Classroom

Te goal is ambitious – to create digital connections between 1 million classrooms worldwide. If even a fraction of this was achieved, the impact would be very powerful.


2 Responses

  1. I am envious when I read articles as this.As of now I pine for one computer in my classroom; then perhaps 5 where children could work in groups over the course of the week; a computer lab where I could take my children to explore math games; learn English Literature/Language through fun and games; discuss a topical issue; research a topical issue/debate…the list of ideas are positive and endless….
    Skpye ushering a new era/dimension to the teaching and learning experience..I can ‘inhale’ that..what a marvellous experience indeed!

  2. It means , having Teachers who know the width & breadth of Global Education . I would appreciate , if we in a group discuss more about this concept.

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