Selling and Buying Lesson Plans

A long time ago, I shared here on the blog about the Curriki website where teachers from all over the world upload lesson plans to share. There’s a link to the website in the list on the right of this blog. Well, here’s a thought-provoking short read about teachers who are ‘selling’ their lesson plans, including one Kindergarten teacher who has made a great deal of money.

Mashable Article – Lesson Plans

This raises a few questions in my mind and I would be interested to have others’ views;

  1. If lessons have been prepared in the context of a teacher’s own job and work within an institution, especially when often produced in collaboration with colleagues, can a teacher legitimately consider they have an ‘ownership’ that they have a right to sell?
  2. Should any teacher believe that someone else’s lesson plan just ‘lifted’ and applied verbatim in their own classroom really provide effective learning? Surely, the whole process of creating a lesson plan is to create a structured approach to what you intend to do with your students at that point in time, keeping in mind their strengths, weaknesses, development areas as well as your own strengths and weaknesses as a teacher. Do websites like this encourage teachers to take potentially sloppy short cuts?
  3. The education profession has a long history of educators at all levels (school and college) sharing for intellectual and professional development. However, such sharing was always based upon reciprocity and trust. If individual teachers see a market in their lesson plans will that trust and inclination to share break down, potentially irreparably?

One Response

  1. This sound unethical . You see , Mr. Parkinson , any Professional in the field has this creativity & method to address the Objective and Goal of Learning. What joy left , if it is a Copied Product or Open to be Copied ?

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