Where Do We Stand on Homework?

Alfie Kohn is a renowned educator in the US, not exactly best loved by the education establishment. He’s the author of many books on education and someone to whom many educators look with a great deal of respect as an innovative thinker in the field. However, to the extent that he is willing to express his views frankly and often goes vehemently against accepted education orthodoxy, his work is not without its level of controversy.

Perhaps one of the areas on which he has written and spoken most, and with most controversy, is on homework. As you will see from the articles below his view on homework is one that would probably be welcomed with loud applause from most students – in short, he says there’s very little evidence that anyone has been able to gather to support arguments in favour of homework – either from the perspective of academic/ learning benefit or the acquisition of more soft-skills type learning habits:

Alfie Kohn – The Truth About Homework

Alfie Kohn – Abusing Research

The articles from Kohn are now around 6 years old, so I would be fascinated to know his perceptions on the ‘flipped model’ type approach that many teachers are now experimenting with (where children use time at home to view a video of a lesson topic/ concept and then use classroom time to apply, explore further and practice the relevant skills).


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  1. Man ! What are you? Posting 3-4 articles in a day.

    Kudos !

    Btw, nice pointers in the article.

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