New Perspectives on the Teenage Mind

For generations the relationship between teens and their parents has been the subject of jokes and humour as well as academic study and debate. For parents and educators it can appear a frustrating and challenging time as they witness teenagers pressing limits, testing boundaries and pushing levels of risk way beyond what parents themselves see as acceptable or sensible.

I would urge that any parent or educator who has ever struggled or wrestled with how to understand what’s going on with a teenager to read this article by David Dobbs in National Geographic;

National Geographic Article – Teen Brains

Not only does it provide a very good science-based explanation for what’s going on in teen brains, but also points to potential evolutionary justifications and benefits that may well flow out of the different way that teen brains are working.

One part that was particularly interesting to me was the suggestion that teens are just as cognizant of the risks of their actions as a mature adult would be, but that they can justify the action because they place a higher importance on the potential rewards from that action.

If you’re a challenged educator or parent the knowledge and insights from this article may go beyond providing you with some answers to puzzling questions, but perhaps may suggest some strategies and ways to engage more effectively with your teen.


2 Responses

  1. Sir Thank you for posting on Teen Brains …………..just begin to struggle and reach a consensus on everything with 11yrold as a parent.Lovely article and a revisit to reading about teens after along time after my Masters in Human Development.

    Appreciate your varied research on diverse topics.I wonder how u manage Sir…….


  2. Thanks. An eye-opener or should I say a brain-opener. Just when I was ready to pull out tufts of my already scant hair…

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