24 Hour Child Care

I felt I had to share this article when I saw it today

MSN Article – 24 Hour Child Care

At this stage I resist sharing my own thoughts on what’s happening because I would be really interested to hear others’ perspectives.


5 Responses

  1. Even though i’ve been a full-time mother–and been happy with that choice, I’m also happy to see these services coming up. At least the parents don’t have to take a compulsary break from their careers this way. And yet, I can’t help wondering why educated and thinking parents feel compelled to have children if they don’t have time for them. If they have them to merely see their progeny and brighten their weekends, they should give this aspect a deep thought.

  2. I am a working mother and am lucky enough to have my mother stay with us while we work. But despite having my mom with me and knowing my son is in safe hands still makes me feel guilty about not having enough time with him. I am saying this when i do not travel and am home maximum by 7,00 and don’t work weekends and all my time at home is centered towards him. Though these services may be a relief for parents working crazy hours with a lot of travel but who in this whole set up is thinking about the children and their emotional needs. I agree that parents putting their careers first really need to think about this before having children. Also, in India, the concept of flexi hours, work life balance is still a myth and those mothers who ignore their children for the sake of their organisations are applauded. This has a negative effect on working mothers who want to maintain a work life balance. But still as the case might be I will still recommend that parents take two less promotions at work and concentrate on their children. Children must always remain a priority. It is sad to know that such a need has been identified in the market.

  3. I had written a long response last night which seems to have got lost somewhere in transmission!

    Sad to see that we have come to this! Our country where we had a secure family system-which of course has been on the decline. The newspapers are spilling over with news of horror stories of child care services. In this climate-I worry to hear of this service. We do not have a robust system of police checks in place (as they do in certain developed countries- and even there things go gravely wrong sometimes!)for employees of such institutions.

    It’s time for a reality check. If a couple plan to have children-then they need to make time for their ‘nurture and rearing’ in the true sense. They have to provide a secure safety net for them to grow and thrive in. Having returned from overseas after 11 years I am sad to see many children being looked after by maids to put it in plain words. The carers are people who come from difficult circumstances themselves. No experience or training in childcare-and children are entrusted to their care on a regular daily basis. Doesn’t sound right to me!

    It’s a tough one this! The website does not give any information about the qualification of the staff-their credibility and so on. But if maids are good enough for many- then this would sadly be a boon! I worry…

    The lines below are taken from their website-mind blowing games! Online viewing- so do you get to view other children too? How do they provide privacy for other children…I can’t for a minute believe such technology would be in place. The grammar is all incorrect-and there is NO mention of the police checks of the staff…their credentials..qualifications..

    ‘Brain Teasing and Mind blowing games and Toys
    Online viewing facility under special terms and Conditions’

    • I realise that there is no easy answer to the parental dilemma–children require a long gestation period to become independent, should those years be dedicated to merely rearing them and losing one’s job skills? Not experiencing parenthood can be a big loss in life too–after all, how many lives do we get?
      As a woman, who’s been at work full-time and now a mother full-time, my general suggestion to women is to have children only after they’ve put in 5+ years of work and gained expertise in their career based interests. Then, go on to have children, be around them, enjoy that role but arrange help to free up hours to read and continually upgrade their career skills. Start freelancing as children start their school. To not give in to societal pressure to have children early and get frustrated on losing their connection with their interests.
      As for day-care centers, they must be encouraged to come up. Or, how will single parents manage their lives? There should be so many day-care centers that they should feel forced to give competitive services to parents. On their part, parents have to lobby for enforcement of laws on safety of children in these spaces. They should form online communities of parents to evolve a consensus on the basic services necessary to qualify as a day-care.

  4. I sympathise with those parents who have to leave their children at others’ mercy because of some medical emergency. For all other parents who go for such services, it’s a ‘crime against humanity’. One doesn’t deserve to be a parent if one is not ready to look after one’s child. Think about what children will lose by being away from parents. Child Care doesn’t just mean fulfilling basic needs and games and dance and suchlike. I pray to God that common sense prevails.

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