More Evidence on Sleep

I have shared a few articles here on the blog before about the issue of children being sleep-deprived in class and all the implications. However, I believe this article from the UK Telegraph newspaper shows there really is very good cause to be concerned and the implications cannot be emphasized too much:

The Telegraph Newspaper – Article

My fear is that the figures for the elite society here in India might well be just as bad as the figures quoted in this article from UK. I cannot help wondering about the overall impact when these levels of sleep deprivation are combined with sedentary lifestyles and inadequate physical exercise and chronically bad diets of junk food. Every instinct I have says that there must be a strong link between these societal changes and the ever rising numbers of children being diagnosed with learning difficulties. Vast numbers of children are laying down lifestyle habits that have the potential to cripple their potential in life?

Where did we start getting things so wrong in so many homes? Why did so many parents give up on the tried and trusted principles that what children need (and crave) more than anything else in their lives is routines and structure so that they can feel safe and secure to learn and explore the world in to which they are growing? When did parents and care-givers conced to a belief that their role was all about an easy life (for them), being popular and that the word “No” should never pass their lips.

These are issues on which we can’t afford to throw our hands up and declare defeat. We owe it to each and every child to ensure parents are well informed on the issues, know the risks and take the right actions.

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