‘The Single Biggest Change in Education Since the Printing Press’ – Atlantic Mobile



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  1. Really exciting! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have been missing your posts and I am delighted to read about the the Harvard – MIT joint venture. I am sure such an open source of information based out of these premier institutes will definitely help a generation of students and many others in an age of internet and intense multi- tasking!
    By the way, I really want to start moodle for the 4th and 5th graders for our sessions of drama,as a discussion forum [ so that a ‘just a 30 min’ session can be optimally utilized]. Once I’ve planned through with the details on how I intend to use it with my students I will keep you posted and hope to hear your views…

    • Hi Annie

      The Moodle still has so much more potential than most are yet using it for. Online chat, posting of student work to share and give feedback, posting of videos of class activities, follow up worksheets or summary notes, mindmaps scanned and posted etc etc.

      You know the view – if what you’re thinking of doing is fully compatible with school rules and has no adverse budgetary implications, go ahead – you don’t need permission!! Let us know how it goes.

      • Thank You Mr. Parkinson!! Will definitely keep you posted on how I plan to use the moodle for Drama and wil surely discuss the technicalities involved [ school policies, etc] with Jyoti Mam’am.

  3. I second to what Annie has written……read about it just last night and it sounded great. Also preparing a ppt on Syllabus vs. Curriculum since PE Deptt. for sure does not understand it and I am sure many educators too as I heard while the Curriculum work has been in progress. Will seek your inputs for the same.Annie from you too…..

    • Hi Surbhi, aha, you’re on to one of my pet topics – the fundamental difference between syllabus and curriculum – and yes, you’re right, to get curriculum right then everyone including counsellors, PA and PE staff are an integral part of the picture and have to have that clarity.

      Sometimes, I think it helps if curriculum focuses on the skills to be acquired by children and the benchmarks/ levels of competence within those skills at different ages/ years and then syllabus is focused upon the actual activities that will go on in school to bring about those skills and to develop them to the required degree in the maximum number of pupils.

      The limitations on this front in PE (stress PE, not sports of games) has been one of the reasons that in the last 5 years we’ve not been able to make the kind of progress in that area that I would have liked to have achieved. This needs to be an initiative all the way from PV to XII.

  4. Hi Mark
    Used to read your blogs many a times and found them interesting.Sense of Exploration only has earned mankind so many good things. This new initiative by MIT & Havard shall definately redefine the benchmark besides providing opportunity to many to evolve. As said it is the intent that matters when you have the resources.

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