Fieldtrips Go Virtual

An interesting short article highlighting some of the great ways that schools are finding to use technology to open up global awareness opportunities for children;

Mindshift Article – Virtual Field Trips


2 Responses

  1. hi.. thank you… some of your recent posts led me to think a lot.. and also led to this post –

    Thank you again!!

  2. Marvellous indeed! A lot to learn with ease, could initiate a keenness to travel, discover,learn,explore….
    An eco-friendly, low cost travel- enabling one to visit varous places,meet dignitaires and the common man,interact with them…Mankind has a come along way.I wish technoloy was not so expensive and inacessible for the children of our country!I mean for all age groups-Who knows what magic an enriching exprience like this could stir up in the mind of a developing child!

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