Technology Fulfilling its Promise in Education

These are incredibly exciting times, when we see the possibilities that technology is now opening up in education.

In the higher education domain the first big step came a few years ago when MIT put their courseware online, available and accessible for all, free of charge. MIT is now going a step further with the announcement at the end of 2011 of MITx – their online platform that is to offer full courses online free of charge.


Stanford University has already shown the way with a few recent experiments with online accessibility to their courses. Even with very limited promotion the figures are already staggering – 160,000 people signed up for a course on Artificial Intelligence. For those people who care more about whether they get to learn great stuff, rather than whether they finish up with the ‘brand’ of an ivy league university tattooed on their forehead for life, these courses are going to open up exciting possibilities. They are also going to allow the best faculty to reach audiences far larger than ever considered possible before. Ultimately, it’s hard to believe that this won’t push down the cost of access to higher education. This will further enhance accessibility;

Mindshift Article on Stanford Online Courses


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