The Future of Higher Education

If you’ve had the chance to read the Seth Godin manifesto for education change that I posted earlier, I’m sure all will have ideas about what to look for in higher education in coming years. For one thing, Godin quite rightly highlights the ubiquity and free availability of knowledge and information that is changing our expectations about how educational institutions ‘add value’.

I have to admit I’m personally with him in hoping that one trend we need to see is a reduced inclination to chase seats in ‘famous’ institutes, for the sake of the ‘badge’ this places on the student, rather than the learning available. It’s also exciting to see what the evidence is showing in terms of provision of free learning content that can change the equations about access and social mobility vastly.

Here’s a report that seeks to gaze in to the crystal ball to predict where further education is going in the next few years:

Mindshift Article – What Does the Future Hold?


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