Escaping the Multi-tasking Myths

As a man I have to confess to feeling justified and legitimized by all the research evidence which has been emerging that makes clear – multi-tasking is nonsense and doesn’t work! For a long time we men have had to listen to all that baloney about how the fairer sex were blessed with a talent for multi-tasking that was denied to us lesser mortals – the men!!

Here’s another piece of evidence that not only appears to reinforce that there really is no such thing as efficient effective multi-tasking, but also draws out the risks and challenges when children and young people mix non-task activities in with their studies. It just plain doesn’t work.

Mashable Article – Link Between Facebook Use & Lower Academic Grades

To me, all this makes clear that whether we are a child or an adult, the key to personal effectiveness and good use of time is focus. When we’re doing something we need to ensure an environment in which we can give it our undivided attention, get it done, and then move on to the next thing. This also requires that we respect each other’s right to focus and avoid temptations to impose our own agenda and convenience on others. We live in an age when everyone is in ‘time deficit’. In such circumstances self-discipline and focus may prove to be the most valuable human tools to mark out the achievers from the also-rans.


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  1. Multi- tasking, I thought was a great way to be efficient especially at a time when everyone of us is trapped in a ‘time deficit’ zone! I tried to be one heck of a super woman , trying desperately to multi-task and I ended up with no time for anything at all!!.I began to reel under this ironical situation!!I seem to be still taking my time to unwind myself and bring myself to focus on what I have chosen to do ….to be amongst children and guide them to pursue their dreams and be responsible human beings and hoping that I will never fall prey to senseless multi-tasking!!!

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