Wanting Everything in an Instant

Some say we live in the age of “instant everything”. So, I was amused to see this BBC article exploring various claims that it was possible to keep fit in just a matter of a few minutes each week:

BBC Article – 3 Minute Fitness

After reading the article I was left wondering, even if the benefits of this programme can be proved, why would anyone choose this as the way to get/ be/ stay fit? To me, there are so many benefits of a physically active lifestyle that go way beyond the purely medical. Firstly, I think it actually ensures some balance in life and good personal discipline – making sure that the time for physical activity is carved out of an otherwise busy schedule. Secondly, being physically active over a period of time releases chemicals in the brain – chemicals which create a positive sense of well-being that stays with you long after the period of exercise. With frequent doses of endorphins I believe a person remains more positive, more able to focus on the important things and more oriented to plan for the future.

After exercise we can feel a certain bodily tiredness that can actually be conducive to mental concentration. As we seek to apply our mind, our body is continually itching to be up and about. Historically, man is not inherently sedentary and I think sometimes we need to work some of that energy off. I’m really not sure that HITs would achieve that.

Finally, physical exercise is very frequently a social activity as well as a physical one. However, I don’t see anything very sociable about HITs.

So, I might put a few bursts of high activity in to my existing workouts, but I don’t see me changing anything else as a result of this research!


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