Understanding Water in the Environment

Here’s another Dan Pink reference, this time to a newly published book that explores the economics and environmental issues related to water:

Dan Pink on Charles Fishman’s new book, “The Big Thirst” about Water

I certainly can’t see any significant argument with the underlying conclusions – society cannot go on treating water as it has done during the last 30 years or so. There are going to have to be significant changes and the consequences of not changing are not to be contemplated. We can already see in India what happens when access to even subsistence levels of food are determined by financial status. If this was to become the case with water in all parts of the world the consequences would be potentially catastrophic.

The final thought was particularly interesting – saving electricity also saves water. I’m not quite sure how that gets reconciled by the fans of electric cars. I already have reservations that they simply shift pollution out of the inner-cities in to the areas surrounding power stations, potentially reducing people’s willingness to address issues of power usage.


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