More on How the Role of Libraries is Changing

Here’s a follow up to a couple of earlier posts with two really interesting articles highlighting the ways in which the roles and methods of libraries are changing to respond to technology and the different needs of society;

Mindshift – Creating the Library of Tomorrow

The Journal – Library as a Digital Learning Space

In schools, I believe that the changed focus in learning, away from teacher-centric teaching that is wedded to a paradigm where what is to be learned is to be ‘inserted’ in to students means that libraries will play a far bigger role. A library, especially one that offers combinations of digital and paper-based resources, can provide the ownership and independence in learning that is needed for highly motivated learner-driven learning. I believe that in the future it will be vitally important that within schools we provide the support, gradually in age appropriate manner, to ensure that students have digital literacy, online safety awareness and media literacy that enables them to be critical users of data and information from a variety of sources in a discerning manner with appropriate judgement on efficacy, appropriacy and rigour.


2 Responses

  1. It would be a good idea to have something similar as “Mindshift….” here in Gurgaon too where the librarians from around the many schools in NCR/Delhi can meet and discuss how to make libraries/librarians/library periods more relevant/interesting to the children.


  2. Reading ignites creativity which when complimented with instructor led interventions, can create wonderful learning effect.

    Thanks for the articles and i experienced something very similar recently at IIM-A library. It was full of resources in all possible formats providing knowledge to the hungry. It was purely a ‘Pull’ effect that kept people in library until wee hours rather than a ‘Push’ effect from professors.

    We need to look at future and rethink the way ahead.

    Also while transition happens, in my view one way to address lack of digital libraries in Gurgaon could be to involve local business schools such as MDI and have their libraries open to students.

    These libraries subscribe to various research journals, are digital and have enough resources to keep the knowledge hungry fed!


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