The K – 12 Classroom in the Technology Age

It ought to be common sense that to design or prepare classrooms for twenty first century approaches to learning and the significantly increased use of ICT requires far more than just pushing the new hi-tech gadgets in to classrooms configured as they have been for the last 50 years. However, as it has famously been said, common sense is strangely not always as common as it should be.

Here’s a thoughtful article that looks at a number of factors in shaping or designing classrooms in the new digital age, whether as new designs or reconfiguring existing classrooms:

The Journal Article – Designing the 21st century classroom


2 Responses

  1. A very good starting point for schools to rethink on how they build and integrate classroom infrastructure to promote the common goal of collaborative learning

  2. Thanks for this refreshing approach and wonderful article.

    This however also leaves me a thought on infrastructure or lack thereof especially with regards to India. In my view, space constraints sometimes restrict vision and many schools thus still hold on to earlier used methodologies which may not be conducive to overall development

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