Aravali Admissions for 2012-13

The Aravali nursery admissions process got off to an orderly start today. For those who need them, here are the key details:




AGE CRITIERIA – 1st October, 2007 and 30th September, 2008


TThe advertisement was printed on 12th January, 2012 in the Times of India (Times CITY GGURGAON).

* Log on to to access the registration form.

* Forms are available ONLINE ONLY  from 0900 hours on 20th January, 2012 to 1600 hours on5th f February, 2012.
* Closure
of Admission process on 31st March, 2012
* All communication between applicants and the school will be conducted via email.
* Please address your queries to



2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I am planning to enrol my 18 Month old Son to Sriram Early Years. What i wanted to understand is if, any preference is given to students from Sriram Early years while they apply for admissions to The Sri Ram School.

    Appreciate your reply so that I can take an informed decission.



    • My sincere apologies as I’ve just realised I missed your question and hadn’t responded. If you click on the ‘About’ link at the top of the page, you will see that i have earlier responded to a number of similar questions about The Shri Ram Early Years.

      Briefly, TSEY is a part of Shri Educare Limited. This company, whilst sharing common promoters with The Shri Ram Schools is legally a completely separate entity. As a result, there can be no automatic right of admission to TSRS schools from Shri Ram Early years.

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