Being Creative

When reading this article on creativity I was reminded of the words of Sir Ken Robinson, when speaking at a recent Ted X event in London. If a person tells us they are illiterate, then we understand that to mean that there are some things they haven’t learned/ been taught. His argument was that when someone says “I’m not creative”, then we should think of it in the same way, rather than as has become the habit in society in thinking that the person has something innately missing.

Psychology Today Article – Creativity

After reading this piece, I felt firmer in my agreement with Dr Edward de Bono that creativity skills and habits can be ‘taught’ and should be built in to curriculum as a matter of course as a set of skills to be acquired, practiced and refined. As point 2 makes clear, being creative is serious work – not some airy-fairy floating around waiting for creative ideas to ‘descend’.


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  1. I agree. I had a chance to attend a class by Dr Tony Buzan in London, where he taught me how to use the technique of Mind Mapping, to bring out your ideas on papers to resolve complex or simple day to day problems. This simple mapping on paper/ computer itself helps you explore your own creativity, residing within you, that you dont tend to use normally. I became a fan of Tony since then. Many a times , just creating a mind map of issues and then looking at the myriad of opportunities that the tree gets to represent opens up my mind to be creative ! This is one technique that is easily transferable to all with no age barrier. It was great fun to be the trainer of this and see the joy of learning even in adults. Children, especially, love it as there is no one set way to make a mind map..not many rules to follow. I have seen children use different routes, pictures and illustrations to make their point across and that itself is the starting point to explore crproblems creatively !

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