Technology Buying Conundrums

I’ve been thinking of changing my mobile phone – it’s been 2 1/2 years and I’m also tempted to believe that a new phone now would give me a lot of extra productivity. The trouble comes when looking not just at the array of what’s currently available, but also worrying about what might be just around the corner if I just wait a little while.

This has really been highlighted over the last couple of days as one of the biggest technology exhibitions, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012) is currently going on in Las Vegas, USA. Typically, this is one of the big occasions in the year for technology companies to reveal what’s coming from their pipelines in the next few months.

And, if you’re interested in technology, then what a mouthwatering bunch of offerings there are just around the corner:

First to catch my eye – a new Lenovo Tablet – the Idea Tab S2, with a docking station that enables it to be turned in to a laptop (and doubles the battery time!)
Lenovo Tablet

Next up, since the Mac Air defined new limits for sleekness, lightness and portability in laptops, so the limits are getting pushed further and further – now the Acer Aspire A5
Acer Aspire A5

Then, if you’re looking for sleek, light and desirable design there’s the newly crowned thinnest 10 inch tablet from Toshiba:
Toshiba Excite

Other news coming out of the CES 2012 included usb 3.0 coming to mobile phones and tablets very soon. The net effect will be faster charging as well as a reduction in time for uploading/ downloading etc. Apparently, what now takes 15 minutes will take only about 1 1/2 minutes.

Finally, in the educational domain the ‘One Laptop Per Child’ team that was initially inspired by Nicholas Negroponte from MIT, have previewed their XO 3.0 tablet. These guys have made some mistakes along the way which is one of the reasons why I’m inspired with more confidence in their work than the Indian Aakash. The latter started shipping in recent days and the first reports from users have not been good – so much so that I read they were suspending delivery and would only start taking orders again after a major upgrade. Check out the XO 3.0 here:
One Laptop Per Child XO 3.0

With such a wealth of exciting technology in the pipeline I think it’s never been harder to decide when to take the plunge, or when to wait just a little bit longer …………..


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