TEDxLondon – On Education

The TEDxLondon Conference a few months ago was entirely dedicated to issues related to education. This was great, acknowledging that the world needs to wake up to the extent to which the answers to tomorrow’s challenges and key issues in society lie in education. To me, it is tragic to see that when economies around the world are struggling short-termist governments and those in positions of ‘power’ do two things;
(i) cut expenditure/ seek cost savings on education,
(ii) give more handouts (social security benefits, subsidized food etc.) contributing to a sense of dependency and beliefs that people do not hold the power to really control and/ or change their own lives.

The TEDxLondon conference included 3 contributions from the world-renowned educator, Sir Ken Robinson, which I’m sharing here. I really feel, though, that it’s high time that educators stop nodding wisely about what sense Sir Ken makes and how “it would be lovely to have that” and start taking real action on the proposals he puts forward and the fundamental weaknesses of the current education system that he highlights.

Let’s have education that empowers every person to take full and complete ownership for their contribution in the world, equipped with the tools to do so effectively!


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  1. Reminds me of the talk that Dean Kamen, an inventor and entrepreneur, gave while addressing students and winners of the 2011 Google Science Fair. His entire plea to the children is to be aware of the gift of geniosity that they possess, the fortune of having good education and to recognize the responsibility of that gift. He gives the most remarkable perspective on producing future leaders……. he recalls times of graduation where most people would tell you to go conquer the world……but the sad truth being that this world doesn’t need conquerors anymore, today’s world needs saviours, this world needs to be saved from all the conquering of the past.
    Spectacularly shifts the entire debate and role of education. See a strong sense of that value and vision in the Shri Ram DNA. Admire it as an outsider.

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