Nursery Admissions 2012 Season is Here!

Our Pravesh Vatika (Nursery) admissions have kicked off at the Vasant Vihar campus and at The Shri Ram Police Public School at Bhondsi. The Aravali process will get under way a little later this month.

We know this is a time of enormous anxiety for parents, especially as the Right to Education Act ‘quotas’ have reduced the number of seats available in the most popular choice schools. Plain and simple, not everyone is going to get what they want – that is nobody’s fault particularly, just the reality in today’s scenario.

It’s worth me stating a few points for clarity here and now;

  1. The numbers of applications we receive are many multiples of the number of seats available, meaning that those unsuccessful will massively outweigh those successful. That’s just reality,
  2. I, the Principal or the staff of our school are not responsible if you are not successful in securing a seat. My humble request is that the school’s staff be treated with the respect due to professionals doing a difficult job,
  3. The application process is online and through a points system. It is our endeavour that as a result the process should be as transparent as possible. Therefore, during this time please do not ask anyone to ‘influence the process’ on your behalf. Also, in order to maintain “arms’ length”, it is not generally the policy of members of the management team to meet with people who are seeking nursery admissions,
  4. The points system adopted may, or may not, be in your favour. It has been arrived at by experienced, highly qualified educators to be as fair as possible whilst remaining true to the values and educational ethos of the school,
  5. Due to the volume of applications and security aspects, we are not able to entertain requests for tours of the school premises.
  6. There isn’t anyone, for money or anything else, who can override the system in favour of any particular applicant. It does needless and harmful damage to the reputation of TSRS as a seat of learning when such rumours are floated around, even when completely unsubstantiated.
  7. The promoters of the school, as is their legal right, do retain a ‘management quota’ in accordance with the law. Matters of the quota are a confidential and private matter.

There are still a few legal issues that remain to be clarified, related to certain aspects of the Right to Education Act and court cases currently going on in Delhi. This isn’t ideal as it does add to the sense of uncertainty, but I hope that we can all get through to the other end of the process with equitable outcomes.


5 Responses

  1. Unfortunate as it is, there is just not enough seats in “good” schools in Delhi. I put myself through an International Move to get my son a quality education in India only to find that I was a month too late for Admissions in Gurgaon and a few months to early to qualify for the relocation category for the Aravali.

    Having already crossed the mark for my son to be able to get into Nursery, I am hoping to put my family through another international move and be back where I started out.

    At the end of the day, it isn’t the educator’s or the parent’s or the child’s fault in not getting through the school they wanted. If only people pooled in all the “donations/development fees” that are supposedly paid for admissions each year, we would have lot more schools and lot less shortage, although the perception of ‘good’ is still something we need to move away from as as society.

    A practical mind is one that has been nurtured by the three point system, the teacher, the parent and the learner. The school acts as a facilitator and provides all the right means for learning and houses an important aspect of the 3 point system.

  2. HI!

    You have a very interesting and informative blog.I came across your blog while searching for information on admission to TSRS and am not sure if I can leave a query here….will still try my luck.
    I will be applying for admission this year to Pravesh Vatika in Aravali and have been informed they begin this week.
    We shifted to Gurgaon (from Chennai ) in Feb 2011. My son’ DOB is 23.09.07. I missed the admissions last year (though he would have managed the DOB cut off by 7 days) as we relocated. Am I still eligible for applying to Pravesh Vatika this year?

    Thanks in advance.

    • My sincere apologies for letting your communication slip through the net. I’m assuming that you have now been able to get the information you require regarding age cut-off dates for nursery admissions

      • Thanks Mark, I did get a reply yesterday and will now be trying for Upvan. Thanks again.

  3. Seeing this story today, I’m glad I wrote this piece for the blog. By the way, whatever may or may not be happening in other schools I stand by all of the above for TSRS 100%!

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