Technology Changing Libraries

It’s very soon going to be impossible to recognize a library as a library, at least in the sense that we have always seen them in the past. This is highlighted in an extreme way through this short article from Mindshift about changes taking place in a couple of public libraries in USA:

Mindshift Article – Libraries

In keeping with this thinking we have been exploring for some time the role and nature of libraries in schools. The conclusions, for me, are that if they remain places filled only with books then they will fail to fulfill the vital role that exists for them. So, the plans are for considerable change over a period of time – and a lot more than just the addition of a few documentary videos and e-books. Especially for older students, I see the library as a place where they can truly take ownership for a part of their own learning in a very personal way. Therefore, it’s vitally important to have a flexible array of resources that support that freedom for the students, whilst also ensuring that they have access to all the guidance they need for how to use those resources effectively.

As we saw from a post I added to the blog a couple of weeks ago, we may think of the digital natives as having all the answers for everything web related. However, when it comes down to it, their search and research skills are often quite limited, they need help and confidence to engage and contribute in real meaningful online discourse on serious topics (getting beyond, ‘hey dude, how ya doin’), they need guidance around netiquette and online safety and security and finally, they do still need to know that there are mechanisms that will hold them accountable so that they use their research time productively.

Especially in respect of the Middle and Senior Schools the school libraries are going to see significant change ……… watch this space.


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