School in 2020

Here’s another fascinating article from the Mindshift website, where a regular reader and educator has made his predictions for “what won’t exist” in education by 2020:

Mindshift Article – Education 2020

Of course, a few of the items listed are quite US-centric, though I’m sure we would have our equivalents on the examinations and curriculum fronts. Nevertheless, it’s a very interesting list that really sets a pretty radical ‘change management’ agenda for those of us in the education profession in coming years.

One thing that struck me, reading the list, was how much students themselves should welcome and embrace such an agenda. It takes their learning to a far more personalized level, far more life and work relevant, puts them in far more control (rather than continually controlled). It also appears to join up far better to the concept and expectation that the learning they do in school is just the beginning, that it’s something they will do because they want to and do for the rest of their lives. Of course, for those who see the glass half empty, who believe that young people are inherently irresponsible, lazy, feckless then all this ‘freedom’ to young people, releasing the shackles of control will be seen as something terrible and dangerous. Even for those parents who believe that they can make things happen in their children’s lives, through their drive and will-power (presumably figuring that they’ll hand over control to the child when they’re old enough to take over) some of these changes represent scary unknowns.

The optimist in me says that it will represent a potentially positive and greatly improved future for education. The pessimist in me says when considering the current mismatch between education outputs and society needs we can’t make the situation any worse by working towards some of these goals – so let’s go for it!!


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  1. Interesting and an eye opener

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