Blowing Away Myths About the Mind

As educators we work at ‘the final frontier’, the human mind, a fascinating enigma that continues to baffle scientists even as the secrets of other areas of science and the universe get unlocked.

One result of this is there’s a lot of rubbish around related to how the human mind works. So, here’s a really worthwhile article that sets out to debunk 9 of the most common myths about the mind.

Lifehacker Article on 9 Brain Myths

Numbers 1, 3 and 8 I was already well aware of from recent books read on the science of the mind (I figure if we’re going to be effective educators we need to keep up with this stuff!). However, some of the others were also really interesting to read, especially considering the offerings of companies who want to ‘sell’ services to schools that are meant to enhance the learning of children. At the end of the day there’s no substitute for the masterful craft of teaching/ facilitating learning.


One Response

  1. Interesting, though I’m still undecided on the effect of internet on intelligence. I think it also depends on how one defines intelligence.

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