The Impact of Great Parenting

Here’s a really interesting Sunday editorial piece from today’s New York Times, written by Thomas L Friedman (writer of “The World is Flat”” that shares some insights from a recently published piece of research connected to the PISA tests;

New York Times Sunday Opinion Article

Until now these tests weren’t taken in India so it was impossible to know how Indian students’ performances would stack up against their peers from other countries. However, I understand that two states are now being tentatively included, so look forward to seeing how the children’s performance works out.

The article acknowledges that good teachers, well trained and led are important for children’s performance, but also raises the question of the impact of parenting. The research looked at the parenting methods and matched the research data to the performance of children to draw conclusions about which parental activities best contribute towards children’s academic achievements. I have to confess I was pleased to see that sending children to tuitions didn’t contribute to performance (what a shame!). It was heartening to see that all the positive influences were, in some way or other, connected with engaged, meaningful communication with the children.

I hope that research like this will encourage more parents to appreciate the importance and value of uncompromised time and communication with their child.


2 Responses

  1. that last line, one cld second it many times over!!

  2. Good find, Mr. Mark.

    I also second that finding.

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