The Flipped Instructional Model

In a view earlier posts here on the blog I’ve made reference to the ‘flipped model’. This Harvard article carries one of the best explanations that I’ve come across, including very practical information about how a number of teachers have started to practice it. It even gives some information about the software and hardware they are using to enable them and the benefits they are seeing as a result:

Harvard Education Letter Article – Flipping For Beginners

After reading this article the biggest question I am left with is – “would it work in India?” Already, a couple of people with whom I’ve talked have raised doubts on this score. Some of the concerns centre on the extent to which students (and most teachers) are wedded to the conceptual idea that “learning is being taught”. This would imply that I can’t really be learning a new topic for myself from a video or any other material given by the teacher. I would love to have the thoughts of teachers, parents and even students – could this approach work here in India? If it could, the biggest benefits would be the freeing up of classroom time to focus on discussion and exploration of deeper issues, application of higher order thinking skills to the learned content, clarification of concerns of individual students and greater time for peer and group collaboration. I believe that, potentially, it might make the learning process quicker and more effective for more students, as well as more stimulating and interesting.


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