Insights from a New York School Principal

New York Times – School Book Principal Interview

Use the link above to read an interesting interview with the Principal of a successful, high achieving New York school. Amongst other things it’s interesting because the school is one that has based its core principles on the Stephen Covey ‘Leader in Me’ programme (7 Habits of Highly Effective People)


2 Responses

  1. As police public school is one year old can we compare the it with aravali in terms of calibre of teachers and mix of cultures from various spectrum of society and can we say students are learnign with same quality as in other campusus of Shriram

    • I’m not sure we can ever make such comparisons between our different campuses. We are aware that, especially in Gurgaon, there is a continual level of ‘chatter’ that goes on about which campus is ‘better’. which has ‘better’ teachers etc. However, most of it is rather meaningless, coming from the individual perceptions of some through their own personal experiences.

      Ultimately, we manage the whole group together according to a shared mission, vision and core values. We apply similar recruitment, training and HR methods. Policies are similar and where there are differences, most of the time these are deliberate rather than accidental. There are times when we may want to ‘try something out’. Then, we try it at one campus, monitor the results and then take a call on whether to apply across all campuses.

      If you were asking me whether I’m pleased with the progress, integration and development of the new school in its first year, then the answer is ‘Yes’. Institution building is a long process and much work lies ahead, but the start has been a good one.

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