Why Blog?

I came across this great, short piece of writing from Mindshift that perfectly summed up, for me, why this blog is now approaching 500 pieces of writing.

There is something about the written medium. It challenges you, it tests the depth and relevance of your thinking. As you write you know that what you put ‘out there’ can be dissected, analysed and judged in a way the spoken word rarely is.

Once in a while I speak at a conference and a video turns up later on youtube. This is a new phenomenon, but in India and ‘around here’ the likelihood that anyone will wait long enough for the full video to download is very limited (I know my limitations!). However, I know that what I write will stay ‘out there’ for ever (I have never gone back and deleted anything after publication). That sense of permanence (I recently saw an article about someone famous and high profile who deleted a tweat after 30 seconds, but already enough people had re-tweeted it so it could not be erased!) gives an added sense of meaningfulness to writing.

Mindshift Piece on Writing

There is something so fulfilling and rewarding about writing, that I wish every one of our students should experience it.


One Response

  1. Once again thank you for an engaging piece of writing.The permanence of the written word is beyond compare and the varied manner in which it might influence different readers, inspire and motivate some- is fascinating. To use language to benefit others, share views and experiences, is an art in itself .(…and I am one of the beneficiaries of your expertise!)

    I whole-heartedly second your closing sentence-writing is indeed a very fulfilling and rewarding experience.I too wish that all students explore this area to the fullest and savour the delight that accompanies it. A literary blog for students perhaps……? A learning platform where they can express their views and opinions (within certain guidelines of course) ?

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