Project Indradhanush

I have written here on the blog earlier a couple of times about the project taken up by our umbrella Foundation (SRF Foundation) to help bring about positive change in 40 government schools in the Mewat District of Haryana.

That schools like this still exist in India is a shame, and rather shocking to think that they exist little more than an hour from the heart of the capital. There might have been a bit of good news yesterday – the Supreme Court has issued an instruction to all State Governments to construct toilets at every school by end of November this year. Of course, its tragic that the highest court in the land has had to intervene in this way, but if it leads to improvements we must be glad of that.

As an extension of the SRF Foundation’s involvement with the Mewat Schools, a number of parents of the Aravali campus expressed a keenness to get involved themselves. As a result ‘Project Indradhanush’ was born – a PTA initiative under which a group of parent volunteers go and visit one of the schools that they have ‘adopted’, providing inputs such as art and craft classes, whilst also working to inspire and motivate the existing teachers there.

It’s very clear from the photos below that there’s a lot of fun and pleasure coming out of the programme in addition to the positive educational benefits. I would want to pay particular tribute to Mr Prabhat Agarwal of the Aravali PTA executive who’s been the inspiration behind this initiative.


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  1. Dear Mr. Parkinson – Thanks for putting this on your blog. Any Shri Ram parent who may be interested to join Project Indradhanush may get in touch with Surita Banerjee (

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