Sensitivity to Loss of Sight

Students of our Phase III Senior School recently had a unique and fascinating experience over two days. It involved Esha, an organisation doing some wonderful work for the blind. On the first day, role plays, drama and workshops were used to sensitise children to the experience of life for those who are blind.

Here’s a short bit of background on the organisation:
Esha – Basic Information
And, here’s the right up of the work they did with the TSRS students on that day:
Esha @ TSRS
And here, feedback and reflections from some of our students afterwards;
Student Feedback
Photos from Esha Visit to TSRS

It was very clear on the day that students were powerfully moved by the whole thought-provoking experience. Though i couldn’t understand too much of what he said (as it was in Hindi), I was really impressed with the determination and self-assured confidence of Raju, a young man who clearly has no intentions of letting his disability get in the way of a full and successful life. It was a real surprise to discover this was his first time!

On the second day the students turned their efforts to recording audio books which are going to be given to blind schools. The children made an excellent job of it, brimming with enthusiasm and keenness to contribute. If the buses hadn’t been rolling out at the end of the school day some of them were ready to carry on!

Later, some children are going to get the chance to personally hand over their recordings at a blind school.

We’re really grateful to Nidhi for bringing this idea and her infectious enthusiasm to TSRS and look forward to continuing to work with Esha in the future.

On a final note, Esha make great business cards – with the name in braille. i’ve already been able to refer a few people and we are looking at having the school cards done this way when it comes time to replace them. So, well worth checking out – especially as a novel gift for someone in the festive season!!


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