Extraordinary Pianist

Blind, autistic but gifted with extraordinary skills. This is an amazing short piece of film from BBC about an extraordinary, living example of the ‘gifted but different’:

BBC Story on Derek Paravicini

The Coming Revolution

Once there was the Industrial Revolution. Mass education came in to being to respond to that revolution and to provide the manpower that was the ‘fuel’ for it.

Today’s Seth Godin blog post is a very thought provoking look at what’s changed in the world and how it leads to ‘permanent recession’ and ‘revolution’:

Seth Godin’s Blog

After reading this we immediately realise the strong synergy between what Seth is saying and the ideas of Dr Ken Robinson (and the material contained in the film “We are the people we’ve been waiting for”). These changes are for real, they can’t be reversed and they can’t be denied – they represent the future. As educators, we have to work backwards from those changes and figure out how education needs to change – right now.

More Success For Vedika in the Pool

The Aravali water baby has seen more success, as Vedika Amin participated in the Pathways World School swimming competition. Being the youngest competitor present – still just 6 years of age, didn’t stop Vedika taking Gold in all three over her events in the under-8 category; free stroke, breast stroke and back stroke. Understandably, she was adjudged best swimmer in the age category.

Congratulations to Vedika, her parents Deepak and Mamta and all the teachers who worked to prepare her. Here’s looking forward to even more success in the pool in future.

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