A Busy Week at the Bhondsi Campus

I just received some really nice pictures taken during the last few days. I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours around the classrooms at Bhondsi interacting with the children on Friday morning (I can’t be rushing around being ‘busy’ and sitting in meetings ALL the time!!)


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  1. Hi,
    I have recently shifted from Delhi to Gurgaon on sohna road and am looking for a good school for my kids for session (2012-13) for class 2 and class 6. I read about the new TSRS at Bhondsi. My only concern is that since its a new school with upcoming infrastructure, how is TSRS management ensuring the same quality of teachers and education as in other established schools. What are the plans for introducing higher classes since the school is only till class 4 as of now.

    Urmeet Juneja

    • Firstly, as regards the infrastructure, we’re currently engaged in an ideation process with architects and the police to determine how we want the full 9-acre campus to be when it’s fully developed as a ‘whole school’. Then,m from that will flow the plan of what infrastructure is to be added each year.

      I am as much Director for this campus as I am for any of the other TSRS campuses. This makes part of my role ensuring common approaches and practices across. The teacher team recruited are very good. They underwent a very intensive two week pre-service training programme before the school opened and that continues through in-service programme which is ongoing. This includes extensive time alongside their peers from the other campuses. They are lead by Sudha Santhanam – a long serving and very highly regarded TSRS teacher.

      As has long been the TSRS way when setting up new schools we take the time to ensure that practices and processes are well embedded by only adding one class each year. So, the school opened this year with Classes from Nursery to Class IV. For 2012-13 we will add Class V, though with scope to increase the sections according to demand for seats.

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