TSRS Top the Rankings – Part II

We now have the breakdown data from the Education World survey. From this we know that Aravali missed making it in to the Top 10 this time by just one narrow point. Further in that part of the table the scores were so close that just 4 points would have seen Aravali equal seventh for the whole country.

Here’s the full listing for all the Day Schools with their scores in the various categories:
India’s Best Day Schools league table

We also have the regional data, though can obviously spot the error where Aravali should have been shown as the yop performing school in Haryana (I guess many people think of it more as part of NCR, not ‘Haryana proper’.

Day schools Regional league tables

The survey is under 14 different sets of criteria. Having now been able to analyse the data, I can say that TSRS, VV & Phase III has come first in four categories:
Competence of Faculty,
Teacher welfare and Development,
Individual Attention to Students,
Parental Involvement
(and 2nd in Community Service and Disabled Friendliness)
Aravali has come first equal in Parental Involvement, 2nd in Individual Attention to Students and 3rd in Competence of Faculty.
Many other categories saw both schools scoring in the top 10, as can be seen from the full set of data:

Parameters of Exellence India’s Top Day Schools

Again, congratulations to every member of The Shri Community who contributed to these great achievements. It’s truly a whole community effort with our children as the biggest winners.


4 Responses

  1. Congratulations!

  2. Happy to see TSRS Aravali moving up in the ranking. Thanks to you, the faculty, support staff, students and parents. Does the school management make conscious efforts to see these rankings improve year on year?

  3. Congratulations to you and the team – and really great to see Aravali making an entry straight at #11. Keen to work with you to start vying for the #1 slot.

    • Thanks all.

      It’s fitting that the recognition comes most through top scores in categories of parental involvement, quality of faculty and teacher welfare and development. This highlights that the success and strength comes through strong collaboration.

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