TSRS Back at Number One !!

It’s official. We have known for a couple of weeks, but the new edition of Education World magazine just came out this afternoon, confirming that TSRS is back at the top of the tree – number one Day School in the country.

The other news is that Aravali, which got its own ranking for the first time last year has moved up from number 12 to number 11. There’s some irony in the differential scores between the two schools when you consider they have the same leadership team, ethos and philosophy etc. Age and duration at the top is obviously what’s making the difference.

We’re yet to get in to the fine grain data (a bit of a problem with the magazine’s website), but here are the basics on the survey:

Education World Annual Survey Results
Education World – Best Day Schools

Without having been able to get fully in to the data, the categories that we have done best in are ones which are close to our hearts;
– attention to the individual student,
– quality and competence of faculty
– welfare and development of faculty
– involvement of parents

More to follow when we get the data. A group of us will go to collect the Awards at a gala dinner in Delhi on 17th September.


3 Responses

  1. Heartiest Congratulations on this achievement.

  2. Congratulations Mark, great news

  3. Congratulations!! to stay on top consistently is a huge achievement!!

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