‘Now You See It’

This is an interesting review of a new book that looks at the US education system, but can be considered relevant anywhere in the world. It looks at some of the ways in which we need to change the ‘industrial model’ of education to deliver something of quality to enable young people in the digital age.

New York Times Blog – Book Review

The figure that undoubtedly jumped out to me from the article was the 65% – up to 65% of today’s school going children could end up doing jobs that haven’t been invented yet!

So, whether it’s Cathy Davidson, Seth Godin or Sir Ken Robinson saying it, we have to wake up to the fact that today’s classroom/ school needs a major overhaul. It’s time, in my view to move beyond the justifications and get really in to the nitty gritty of the ‘How’ to change. It’s also time to acknowledge that change is going to require massive new learning by those who work in classrooms and schools. For the good of our children, none of us can shirk on professional development


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